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Yale School of Architecture

Brennan Buck

Fall 2015

The site at Science Hill, as it exists now, is both under activated and under valued. There is an obvious dissatisfaction with the existing landscaping, specifically with the paths that cross the site, and this projects aims to combat all existing disregard by spreading the program and a variety of different uses across the landscape. Additionally, the new architecture uses an intricate aesthetic language, a copper lattice, to manifest on the site as something precious. The aesthetic of the lattice both defines the different areas of program and also reacts to the current uses of the site. While the current walkways across the site set up physical limitations for the proposal, the new architecture contains and hosts the activity and program of the seed vault. Rather than designating a single program or activity to the site, visitors can move across the site to the multiple campus pavilions, meander on terraces through planting beds, rest outside under the shade of the lattice, pass time in the open interior space, or enter into the actual seed vaults. Programmatically, in line with the idea of spreading activity across the site in order to properly activate it, the seed vault is contained in all five of the pavilions.

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