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Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning

Clark Thenhaus

Fall 2013

It is by understanding the internal drivers of an architect’s palette that we can leverage architectural sensibilities against broader cultural contexts. This project responds to a design agenda, preceding external factors, which focuses on organizational strategies that aid the synthesis between these constraints and ambitions. Located in a prime location, at Wolf Point on the North Branch of the Chicago river, this site sets up the building to become both an iconic and sculptural object for the city. A collaborated drawing project within the studio also acts a site to the building by providing organizational and formal logics. Implications from the drawing drive the form of the museum of double identities to pursue the idea that an object can become both a misfit and an imposter to itself, through hierarchy, formal activators, and implications of space. This process of design suggests that possible solutions are directly related to how the problem is perceived, defined, and qualified.

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