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Yale School of Architecture

In Collaboration with Patrick Doty, Kevin Huang, Alexis Hyman, Jonathon Molloy, Ron Ostezon, and Misha Semenov.

Spring 2016

 Winning Scheme 

This design proposal takes on the particular challenges of our small site at 196 Winthrop, with its narrow lot and the large multifamily units on either side, and embraces the idea of a tenant unit as part of the main body of the house. Their symbiotic relationship on the site, along with the architecture’s relationship to the landscape, offers privacy while also providing generous and beautiful spaces beyond the building envelope of both units. Our house, one of eight different project proposals, was chosen to be built for the annual Jim Vlock Building Project in New Haven, Connecticut. Since 1967, masters students at the Yale School of Architecture have worked collaboratively to design and build a structure as part of their graduate education. This small home was completed in partnership with NeighborWorks New Horizons, an organization dedicated to developing quality affordable housing. All of the first-year students, including the members of the original team, spent the summer constructing the project from start to finish. The house was completed in October, 2016

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