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Yale School of Architecture

Steven Harris & Gavin Hogben

Spring 2018

The studio sets out to critically and productively address the most ubiquitous yet contentious of architectural typologies; the single-family house. Students focused on this problem in a series of concentrated studies: first; a close examination of the elementary particle of the house and its lot and in relation to similar or neighboring houses through a series of model exercises, second; through the studio travel week in which the students were able to travel to more than thirty houses of notable architectural contributions, third; through the case study and structural analysis of one of these houses through a large sectional model, then; our midterm presentation after the break in which students presented early concepts of house through models that were not a house, and finally; a proposal of a house that is specific to the given site, yet can serve as a model, of process or form, for wider architectural practice. Students selected their own site from the diverse landscapes of the Inland Empire and were specifically to address tectonic systems; structure, envelope and more, an attitude toward siting; spatial and physical connection with the surroundings, and a domestic proposition; the who and how of life in/around the scheme.

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