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Oslo School of Architecture and Design

In collaboration with Jeff Burgess & John Arnold

Spring 2013

This cruise ship terminal redefines the relationship between architecture and landscape within Geirangerfjord, Norway by eliminating the dialectical hierarchy and establishing an entirely new landscape dependent on its presence. Norway is celebrated for its breathtaking serene nature, deep fjords, and tall mountains. However, despite the lack of serviceable and supporting infrastructure, this destination experiences an astonishing number of enormous cruise ships and ship passengers that arrive to the village each summer season. The most common approach to building in this context is to accept architecture’s submissive role in the surrounding environment and the result is a continuation of the status quo in which the central hierarchy between architecture and nature is absolute. Rather than build on the existing landscape, our project subtracts from the surrounding environment, leaving behind a void charged with an urban program that simultaneously provides the necessary services and contrasts the natural solitude of the landscape.

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